Course Description

"Learn how to effectively communicate between your Cortex-Microcontroller and Keyboards and Liquid Crystal Displays with this comprehensive course. We will guide you through the process of writing optimized drivers and libraries that will allow your microcontroller to seamlessly interact with these peripherals. Starting with the basics, we will differentiate between GPIO and SPIO and explore how registers relate to IO ports. Through hands-on coding exercises, you will gain a thorough understanding of how these registers work with inputs and outputs. Next, we will dive into writing our own LCD Drivers and Libraries. You will learn the necessary pinout and interface with the microcontroller, as well as how to control the shift registers inside the LCD. We will also cover the important topic of optimizing LCD usage by using 4-bits instead of 8-bits for data transfer. In the final chapter, we will focus on interfacing with keyboards. You will discover how keyboards conserve IO pins by using the matrix arrangement, and we will guide you