Course Description

Azure Basics Part 1 (Azure AD, Subscription, Resource Group)

Are you looking to get started with Microsoft Azure? Join this comprehensive course on Azure Basics Part 1 to learn about Azure AD, Subscriptions, and Resource Groups. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your Azure skills, this course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Azure cloud services.

Throughout this course, you will explore Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which serves as the identity and access management service in Azure. You will dive into understanding Subscriptions in Azure, which are containers for billing, resource access management, and quotas. Additionally, you will learn about Resource Groups, which help you manage and organize Azure resources efficiently.

This course is ideal for those who want to grasp the core concepts of Microsoft Azure and lay a solid foundation for further learning and exploration in the Azure ecosystem. By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of Azure AD, Subscriptions, and Resource Groups, empowering you to confidently navigate the Azure platform.

Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your journey with Azure. Enroll now and gain valuable insights into Azure's essential components!