Course Description

Introduction to Azure HDInsight

Microsoft Azure HDInsight is a fully managed cloud service that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to process massive amounts of data. It provides a range of big data solutions, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache LLAP, Apache Kafka, Apache HBase, and more. With Azure HDInsight, you can deploy these open-source frameworks in the cloud and scale them as needed. Whether you are working with large-scale batch processing, real-time stream processing, interactive querying, or machine learning, Azure HDInsight offers a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to handle your data processing workloads. This course covers the essentials of Azure HDInsight, helping you understand how to leverage its capabilities to build powerful data solutions. You will learn how to set up and manage HDInsight clusters, work with various data processing frameworks, optimize performance, and integrate with other Azure services for a seamless data pipeline.

Azure Data Studio: The Complete A-Z Guide

Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform database tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with the power of a full-fledged database management solution. It is designed for data professionals who work with SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and other cloud databases. With Azure Data Studio, you can connect, query, and visualize your data with ease.