Course Description

Introduction to Data Science using Python (Module 1/3)

Explore the world of data science with this comprehensive introductory course that focuses on using Python as the primary programming language. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your data analysis skills, this module provides a solid foundation to start your journey in the field of data science. Through practical examples and step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to manipulate data, perform statistical analysis, and visualize insights using Python libraries.

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in leveraging Python for data analysis and gaining insights from large datasets. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of data science principles, data preprocessing techniques, and how to implement various data analysis tasks using Python.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Data Science and Python
  • Data Preprocessing and Cleaning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Statistical Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization Techniques

Whether you are a student, a professional looking to upskill, or someone curious about the world of data science, this module provides a structured approach to learning essential data science concepts using Python.