Course Description

Bootstrap 4 and 5

Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework used to build responsive and mobile-first websites. Understanding the key differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 is essential for web developers and designers. While both versions offer similar features, there are notable improvements and changes in Bootstrap 5 compared to Bootstrap 4.

Key Differences:

1. File Size: Bootstrap 5 is more lightweight compared to Bootstrap 4. The removal of jQuery in Bootstrap 5 has contributed to a reduction in file size, resulting in faster loading times.

2. Customization: Bootstrap 5 provides enhanced customization options, making it easier to tailor the framework to specific project requirements. It offers new utilities, colors, spacing utilities, and more customization features.

3. Utility Classes: Bootstrap 5 introduces new utility classes that allow developers to apply styles directly in the HTML markup. This simplifies the process of making quick layout changes without modifying the CSS files.

4. Improved Grid System: The grid system in Bootstrap 5 has been enhanced with new features like vertical spacing, improved column ordering, and better alignment options, providing more flexibility in layout design.

5. Forms and Inputs: Bootstrap 5 includes updates to form styles