Course Description

Convert Image to Vector in Adobe Illustrator

Converting raster images to vector graphics is a common need in graphic design. Adobe Illustrator offers powerful tools to achieve this conversion efficiently and effectively. Here's a guide on how to convert images to vectors in Adobe Illustrator:

Step 1: Import Your Image

Begin by importing your raster image into Adobe Illustrator. You can do this by going to File > Place and selecting your image file.

Step 2: Image Trace

Select the imported image, then navigate to the Image Trace option in the top toolbar. Click on Image Trace and choose a preset from the dropdown menu or customize the settings based on your image.

Step 3: Refine the Image Trace

After applying the Image Trace, you can further refine the vector output. Adjust parameters like Threshold, Paths, Corners, and Noise to achieve the desired level of detail and smoothness in your vector graphic.

Step 4: Expand and Ungroup

Once you are satisfied with the vector conversion, go to Object > Image Trace > Expand to convert the traced image into editable vector paths. Then, ungroup the elements to work with individual vector shapes.

Step 5: Edit and Customize

With your image converted to