Course Description

Creating a cPanel & WHM Server using the Google Cloud

If you are looking to set up a cPanel & WHM server using the Google Cloud platform, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process. cPanel & WHM are popular web hosting control panels that provide an intuitive interface for managing websites, domains, email accounts, and more.

With Google Cloud's robust infrastructure and scalability, you can create a reliable hosting environment for your websites. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Set Up a Google Cloud Account

Begin by creating a Google Cloud account if you don't already have one. Navigate to the Google Cloud Console, create a new project, and set up billing for your account.

Step 2: Deploy a Virtual Machine

Launch a new virtual machine instance on Google Cloud, ensuring that it meets the system requirements for cPanel & WHM. Choose the appropriate machine type, disk size, and operating system.

Step 3: Install cPanel & WHM

Once your virtual machine is up and running, you can install cPanel & WHM on it. Follow the installation instructions provided by cPanel to set up the control panel on your server.

Step 4: Configure cPanel & WHM