Course Description

Learn about the concept of deadlocks in operating systems in this course. Understand the basics of a multi-programmed operating system and how process management, including creation, scheduling, and termination, plays a crucial role. Discover how the allocation of resources can lead to a process remaining in a wait state indefinitely, resulting in a deadlock and affecting system performance. This course provides a comprehensive explanation of deadlocks in operating systems and its concepts.

Learn about the causes and consequences of deadlocks in operating systems with this course. Understand the four necessary conditions for a deadlock to occur, and explore methods for preventing and avoiding them. Discover the concept of safe states and learn how to use the Banker's algorithm to solve deadlock problems. Understand the resource allocation graph method for handling deadlock avoidance in systems with single instance resources. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of deadlock terminologies and the ability to solve problems using the Banker's algorithm. Enroll now and gain the knowledge to tackle deadlocks in your future projects.