Course Description

"Learn how to create a professional Calculator App with Unity in this comprehensive course. As the first and only instructor teaching non-gaming app development with Unity, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of platforms. This app will have a sleek design, similar to the common Calculator app on Android and iPhone devices. You will learn how to properly place buttons in a grid format, including exceptions such as the bottom button which occupies multiple grids. With this course, you will master the skills of designing for multiple resolutions and profiles, ensuring your app is properly aligned on all devices. In addition to layout design, you will also learn how to add action handlers for each button, including coding for math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You will even learn how to code for continuous calculations, just like a standard calculator. This course will also cover additional operations like cancelling and clearing memory, as well as toggling the plus and minus sign. Your instructor for