Course Description

"Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital forensics, a crucial aspect of cybersecurity, with Autopsy - an open source platform used by law enforcement, military, business, and academic clients. With its feature-rich capabilities and customizable add-ons for different industries, Autopsy allows for easy investigation of computer hardware and mobile devices. From email and metadata analysis to file system and registry analysis, Autopsy offers a wide range of features to support forensic investigations. In today's rapidly growing field of cybersecurity, digital forensics is a highly sought-after skill, with an expected job growth of 33% over the next 10 years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has already reported a significant increase in job postings for cybersecurity roles, indicating that the industry may be growing faster than anticipated. Digital forensics plays a crucial role in cybersecurity, as it involves the acquisition, recovery, and analysis of data from information systems. It is widely used by law enforcement, government, and businesses worldwide to catch criminals or uncover