Course Description

"Learn the essentials of Excel Automation using RPA with this free course. Designed for non-technical individuals, you will discover how to automate repetitive tasks and activities in Excel using the popular RPA tool, UiPath. In just 2 days, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of 10 key features within UiPath that will help you streamline your daily Excel tasks. No programming experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn. In this course, you will learn how to read and write data from Excel workbooks, manipulate specific rows and cells, and even copy and paste data while preserving the original format. You will also learn how to work with cell formulas, append data, and manipulate cell colors. Additionally, you will discover how to use UiPath to select ranges, auto fill data, and insert or delete columns and rows. As a bonus, you will also learn how to create a batch file. This course is taught by certified ILM instructor, Mohammed Marwan,