Course Description

"Are you tired of struggling with complex layouts and writing endless lines of code in CSS? Look no further, because this course is here to teach you all about Flexbox, the revolutionary new layout module in CSS3. Flexbox allows you to easily build complex layouts with less code and better quality. It's perfect for aligning and distributing space among items within a container, even when their sizes are unknown or dynamic. In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about using Flexbox for aligning items both vertically and horizontally, building responsive designs, creating modern grids, and much more. All you need to take this course is a web browser and basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. I'll walk you through all the properties of Flexbox and teach you the fundamentals so you can truly understand what's happening when working with this powerful tool. To make the learning experience even more interactive, I've built a page with exercises and an embed code editor. This way, you can