Course Description

Welcome to our comprehensive and informative Foundational JavaScript Function Programming Course! With expert instruction from Arthur Bandeira, you'll gain a strong understanding of the core concepts of JavaScript Functions. This course covers essential topics that are crucial for any developer to master. Since the early days of the procedural model, Functions have played a crucial role in software development. In fact, there is an entire programming paradigm dedicated to them, known as Functional Programming. Through this course, you'll explore these concepts using one of the most popular programming languages in the world - Javascript. These concepts can be applied to any object-oriented or multi-paradigm language, making this course valuable for developers of all backgrounds. You'll delve into the main concepts of Functional Programming, including High-order and First-class Functions, and learn important methods such as Map, Filter, and Reduce. This course also includes challenges with answers to reinforce your learning and enhance your understanding. If you're looking to expand your knowledge of JavaScript Functions and Functional Programming,