Course Description

"Learn how to effectively use GCP Cloud Functions with this comprehensive course. Designed for system architects, this course will teach you how to use Terraform to create complex architectures. However, beginners and those with a basic understanding of Azure can also benefit from this course. If you have some knowledge of GCP, this course is perfect for you. However, those with no prior knowledge may find it a bit challenging to grasp the concepts at first. Don't worry though, this course has been carefully curated and includes real-world examples to help you understand the material. Additionally, all codebases are provided in the resource section for your convenience. This course has been condensed to include only the most important information, with all unnecessary fluff and filler removed. And if you have any doubts or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to leave a review for this course, as it will motivate me to create more valuable content for you in