Course Description

"This comprehensive course will teach you all about the Actions Class in Selenium WebDriver. The Actions Class is an API that allows you to simulate complex keyboard events and mouse operations. With this class, you can easily build a series of actions, known as Action Chaining, using the Action Interface and Actions Class. This is especially useful when working with complex web elements, such as pseudo elements, that are difficult to handle with regular WebDriver operations. Throughout this course, you will learn how to implement the Actions Class for various mouse operations in Selenium WebDriver. This includes automating mouse hover operations, drag and drop objects on webpages, and working with resizable elements. You will also learn how to automate context clicks (right-clicks) and double clicks, as well as how to work with sliders (slider bars) on webpages. Additionally, you will discover how to automate multiple key operations, such as TAB + F1. But that's not all - this course also includes bonus sessions on working with JavaScript