Course Description

How to Install WordPress on Localhost and Live Server

If you are looking to set up a WordPress website, you can start by installing WordPress on your local machine for testing and development purposes. This guide will walk you through the steps to install WordPress on localhost using tools like XAMPP and then move it to a live server.

1. Installing WordPress on Localhost (XAMPP)

- Download and install XAMPP, a local server environment for PHP and MySQL.

- Start Apache and MySQL services in XAMPP control panel.

- Download the latest WordPress version from and extract it into the htdocs folder of XAMPP.

- Create a new MySQL database for WordPress through phpMyAdmin.

- Run the WordPress installation by accessing localhost/wordpress in your web browser.

- Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your WordPress site.

2. Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live Server

- Choose a web hosting provider and register a domain name for your live site.

- Install a fresh copy of WordPress on your live server using the hosting provider's control panel.

- Export the database from your localhost installation and import it into the live server database using phpMyAdmin.

- Copy