Course Description

HTML and CSS For Beginners in Nigerian Pidgin

If you wan learn how to build website from scratch using HTML and CSS, dis course na for you. Inside dis tutorial, you go learn di basics of web development using Nigerian Pidgin language, wey go make am easy for you to understand as you dey start your journey into web design.

Dis course dey perfect for beginners wey dey interested in learning how to write HTML code for webpage structure and CSS for styling di webpages. From creating simple layouts to adding colors, fonts, and images, dis course go guide you through di process step by step.

Whether you dey try to build your own website or you wan learn web development skills for work, dis tutorial go give you di foundation wey you need to start creating your own web projects. E go cover di basic concepts of HTML and CSS, and e go teach you how to use these languages to build responsive and visually appealing websites.

By di end of dis course, you go fit create your first webpage from scratch using HTML and CSS, and you go dey ready to take your web development skills to di next level. Make sure say you follow along with di exercises and examples wey dey provided so that you fit master di concepts wey dem dey teach.