Course Description

Intro to Web Design: Learn the Basics for Beginners

Are you looking to delve into the exciting world of web design? This introductory course is designed for beginners who want to learn the essential concepts and practices of creating visually appealing and functional websites. Whether you are exploring a new career path or aiming to enhance your skill set, this course will provide you with a solid foundation in web design.

Throughout this course, you will gain insights into the best practices of web design, understand the basics of user experience (UX) design, and learn how to create engaging layouts for websites. From typography and color theory to layout design and responsive techniques, you will explore a range of fundamental concepts that are crucial for creating effective web designs.

With step-by-step tutorials and practical examples, you will get hands-on experience in designing web pages using HTML, CSS, and other essential tools. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to start creating your own websites and embark on a journey towards becoming a proficient web designer.

Join us on this exciting learning adventure and unlock the door to the world of web design. Enroll now and take your first step towards mastering the art of creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites.