Course Description

# JUnit 5 Quick Start: Java Unit Testing Unit testing is an essential practice in software development to ensure that individual units or components of a program work correctly. JUnit is a popular testing framework for Java that allows developers to write and run tests effectively. In this quick start course, you will learn how to use JUnit 5 for writing unit tests in Java. ## What You Will Learn: - Understanding the basics of unit testing. - Setting up JUnit 5 in your Java project. - Writing test cases using JUnit 5 annotations. - Running tests and analyzing the results. - Working with assertions and assumptions. - Parameterized tests and test templates. - Integrating JUnit with Mockito for mocking dependencies. Whether you are new to unit testing or looking to upgrade your skills to JUnit 5, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to Java unit testing. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience to write effective unit tests using JUnit 5 in your Java projects. Enroll now and level up your Java unit testing skills with JUnit 5! **Keywords:** mockito, tutorial --- Would you like to enroll in the "JUnit 5 Quick Start: Java Unit Testing" course to enhance your Java testing skills using JUnit 5 and Mockito integration?