Course Description

"Welcome to our comprehensive web development course! This course goes beyond just teaching HTML and CSS, offering a diverse curriculum that covers a range of essential skills for building dynamic web pages. You'll start by learning about the script tag, and how it can be used to incorporate JavaScript code into your HTML files. From there, you'll explore useful JavaScript methods for manipulating the CSS and HTML of a webpage, and discover how the Document Object Model supports these changes. HTML is a crucial component of web development, and you'll gain a thorough understanding of it through our engaging and enjoyable lessons. We believe that learning should be fun, and we strive to provide a course that not only teaches valuable skills but also inspires a love for the subject. This course is perfect for beginners, as we guide you through the fundamentals of web development and design. No prior experience or technical knowledge is required - we'll start from the basics and build your skills from there. With the internet being such a vast and integral part of