Course Description

The course "Kearn HTML" HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is the foundation of any web page on the internet. If you are interested in creating your own website, blog, or online store, learning HTML is an essential skill. The Learn HTML course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of HTML and how to create web pages from scratch.

The course begins with an overview of the basics of HTML, including the structure of an HTML document, HTML tags, and how to add text and images to a web page. You will learn about the different types of HTML tags, such as headers, paragraphs, lists, and links, and how to use them to create well-organized and easily navigable web pages. As you progress through the course, you will learn how to create tables, forms, and other types of interactive elements that make web pages more engaging for visitors. You will also learn how to use CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, to add style and formatting to your web pages, including changing font styles, colors, and background images. The Learn HTML course is designed for beginners, so no prior programming or web development experience is required. The course is taught through a combination of video lectures, interactive quizzes, and hands-on exercises that allow you to practice your new HTML skills in a safe and supportive environment. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of HTML and be able to create your own web pages from scratch. You will also have the skills to continue learning more advanced web development languages, such as JavaScript and PHP, if you choose to do so. Whether you are interested in starting your own website, pursuing a career in web development, or just want to learn a new skill, the Learn HTML course is an excellent place to start. With its comprehensive curriculum, engaging learning materials, and experienced instructors, you can be confident that you will come away from the course with a valuable new skillset that will serve you well in any number of endeavors.