Course Description

# Introduction to Webpack 4 Overview Web development has become more efficient and streamlined with the help of tools like Webpack. In this brief overview, we will explore the key features and benefits of Webpack 4, a popular module bundler for modern web applications. ## What is Webpack? Webpack is a powerful tool that helps bundle JavaScript files and other assets for web development projects. It simplifies the process of managing dependencies and optimizing the performance of web applications. ## Key Features of Webpack 4 - **Module Bundling**: Webpack allows developers to bundle modules and assets into a single file or multiple files for better performance and optimization. - **Code Splitting**: With Webpack 4, developers can implement code splitting to load specific modules on demand, improving the loading time of web applications. - **Asset Management**: Webpack supports various file types such as JavaScript, CSS, images, and fonts, making it easier to manage static assets in web projects. - **Hot Module Replacement (HMR)**: HMR is a powerful feature of Webpack that allows developers to update modules in real time without reloading the entire application. ## Benefits of Using Webpack 4 - **Improved Performance**: By bundling and optimizing assets, Webpack helps improve the performance of web applications, resulting in faster load times. - **Enhanced Developer Experience**: Webpack simplifies the development process by automating tasks such as bundling, minification, and code splitting