Course Description

"Learn the fundamentals of problem solving and critical thinking with this comprehensive introductory course. Stay up-to-date with regular updates to videos and practice problems. This course covers essential topics such as STL, including Vectors, Pairs, and HashMap. Whether you are new to coding or looking to improve your skills, this course is the perfect place to start. Each problem solved will enhance your critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, while also teaching you to approach problems with different techniques and constraints in mind. You'll have access to explained pseudocode, previous and live code, and in-depth explanatory videos that cover every line of code and related concepts. Additional materials and solved problems are also included for further learning. As coding contests require a strong understanding of problem solving, this course will prepare you to excel in any coding challenge. With plenty of practice, you'll become a confident and skilled coder. Join me on this coding journey and let's learn together. Welcome aboard!"