Course Description

Welcome to this comprehensive course on building desktop applications with Python and a modern web development stack! This course is perfect for individuals who are interested in combining the power of Python with HTML/CSS/JavaScript to create robust desktop apps. In this course, we will be building "CPU Meater", a desktop app that displays the current CPU usage percentage of your PC from scratch. Not only will we be creating the app from the ground up, but we will also be designing the user interface and implementing smooth animations to make it visually appealing. You may be wondering, "Why should I use web technologies to build a desktop app, and why build a desktop app at all?" The answer is simple - it has become increasingly popular to build desktop apps using web frameworks for the UI. Just take a look at popular apps like Discord and Visual Studio Code. Additionally, desktop apps allow you to take full advantage of the local filesystem and gather system stats, making them essential for certain types of applications. Plus, having