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Procreate 5X on the iPad - All New Features

Procreate 5X has recently rolled out with a plethora of exciting features that enhance the digital art creation experience on the iPad. Let's delve into some of the notable updates and improvements that come with this latest version.

New Brushes and Brush Studio

One of the highlights of Procreate 5X is the addition of new brushes and the Brush Studio. Artists can now create custom brushes with advanced settings, giving them more control and flexibility over their digital strokes and textures.

Animation Assist

Procreate 5X introduces Animation Assist, a feature that enables users to create simple animations directly in the app. With intuitive timeline controls and onion skinning, animators can bring their illustrations to life seamlessly.

Color Harmony and Color Dynamics

Enhancing the color selection process, Procreate 5X offers Color Harmony and Color Dynamics tools. Artists can explore various color schemes and create dynamic color effects with ease, adding depth and vibrancy to their artwork.

Reference Companion

The Reference Companion feature allows users to view multiple references simultaneously while working on a project. This streamlined workflow enables artists to stay focused and inspired by referencing multiple sources side by side.

Streamlined Interface and Performance Improvements