Course Description

# HTML and CSS For Beginners in Nigerian Pidgin

Dis course go show you how to build website wit HTML and CSS from scratch. If you dey look to learn how to code and design website, dis course go help you start your web development journey.

HTML dey use to structure website content, while CSS dey use to style am. You go learn how to create web pages wey dey visually appealing and responsive to different screen sizes.

Inside dis course, you go learn how to use HTML tags to create headings, paragraphs, links, images, and lists. You go also learn how to style your web pages using CSS properties like color, font-size, margin, padding, and more.

If you wan learn web development for Nigerian Pidgin, dis course na the perfect place to start. E go show you how to create beautiful websites wey go attract visitors and give you the skills to begin your journey as a web developer.