Course Description

Setup GNS3 on MAC, Windows, Ubuntu Desktop/Server

If you are looking to set up GNS3 on different operating systems like MAC, Windows, or Ubuntu Desktop/Server, you've come to the right place. GNS3 is a popular network simulation tool that allows you to design, configure, and test network topologies in a virtual environment.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up GNS3 on your preferred operating system:


1. Download the GNS3 software from the official website and follow the installation instructions.

2. Ensure that you have the necessary hardware requirements to run GNS3 smoothly.

3. Configure the preferences and settings according to your requirements.


1. Download the GNS3 software compatible with MAC OS from the official website.

2. Install GNS3 by following the on-screen instructions.

3. Adjust the settings and preferences as needed for your network simulations.

Ubuntu Desktop/Server:

1. Open the terminal on your Ubuntu system and run the following commands to install GNS3:

``` sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gns3/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install g