Course Description

"Learn how to use the world leader in 3D software for product development and design with this SOLIDWORKS course. With SOLIDWORKS, you'll have the skills to create manufacturing-ready parts and assemblies, as well as detailed drawings and bills of materials. Whether you're new to CAD or have experience with other modeling software, this beginner's course is perfect for you. Gain crucial skills such as drawing and dimensioning geometry, creating solid geometry, and using sketch planes. With over 1000 students and continuous updates, this course is constantly improving and providing valuable resources such as movies and model examples. From zero experience to professional 3D modeler, this course will take you through all the essentials of SOLIDWORKS. You'll learn how to set up drawing sheets, create drawing views, and apply dimension schemes. By following best modeling practices, you'll increase efficiency and productivity. Real-life case studies are used to illustrate processes, making this course beneficial for all levels