Course Description

# HTML and CSS For Beginners in Nigerian Pidgin

If you wan learn how to build website using HTML and CSS, you dey the right place. E go easy for you to sabi HTML and CSS with dis tutorial.

For dis course, you no need any coding experience. E go teach you how to design and build webpages wey go make sense.

Inside dis tutorial, you go learn how to:

What You Go Learn:

  • Understand how HTML take work
  • Design webpage with CSS
  • Build responsive websites wey go fit different screens
  • Add images, videos, and other elements to your website

By the end of dis course, you go fit build your own website from scratch using HTML and CSS. E go be like say you be professional web developer!

Why You Suppose Learn HTML and CSS:

HTML and CSS na di foundation of web development. If you dey interested for coding or you wan become web developer, e good make you sabi how to use HTML and CSS.

With HTML, you fit structure your webpage and with CSS, you fit make am look beautiful. Na why e dey important make you learn how to use both of dem.

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