Course Description

VMware Basics - Graphics and GPUs

When it comes to enhancing the performance and capabilities of your virtualized environment, understanding graphics and GPUs in VMware is crucial. Graphics processing units (GPUs) play a key role in accelerating graphical workloads and improving overall system performance.

VMware vSphere provides support for virtual GPUs (vGPUs) that allow you to virtualize the GPU hardware and share it across multiple virtual machines. By leveraging vGPUs, you can enhance the graphics performance of your virtual machines and deliver a better user experience.

This course on VMware Basics - Graphics and GPUs aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how GPUs are utilized in a virtualized environment. You will learn about the different types of virtual GPUs, their configurations, and how to optimize GPU resources for your VMware infrastructure.

Key topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to GPU virtualization in VMware
  • Configuring vGPUs for virtual machines
  • Performance considerations and best practices
  • Graphics acceleration for applications and desktop virtualization
  • GPU passthrough and DirectPath I/O

By completing this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively leverage GPU resources in your VMware environment, enhance graphics performance, and optimize the