Course Description

**Webpack 5 Fundamentals** In the world of web development, understanding tools like Webpack is crucial to efficiently manage and bundle assets for modern web applications. Webpack is a powerful module bundler that can transform, bundle, or package assets such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. This tutorial will guide you through the fundamentals of Webpack 5, the latest version of this popular tool. ### What is Webpack? Webpack is a popular module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. It allows developers to define a dependency graph for their project and generate optimized bundles. With Webpack, you can handle assets, preprocess CSS, and run tasks through plugins and loaders, making it a versatile tool for front-end development. ### Getting Started with Webpack 5 To begin your journey with Webpack 5, you will learn how to set up a basic configuration file, define entry and output points, and understand loaders and plugins. Loaders help process different file types, while plugins extend the functionality of Webpack, such as minification, code splitting, and more. ### Advanced Features and Optimization As you progress, you will dive into more advanced features of Webpack 5, such as tree shaking for dead code elimination, code splitting for optimizing load times, and working with multiple environments using different configurations. Understanding these concepts will help you build efficient and optimized web applications. ### Conclusion By the end of this tutorial, you will have a solid foundation in Webpack 5 and be equipped