Course Description

WSL 2, Docker, Kali Linux and Windows Terminal - get started

Are you looking to enhance your development environment by incorporating WSL 2, Docker, Kali Linux, and Windows Terminal? This comprehensive guide is designed to help you get started with these essential tools for modern development workflows.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2): Learn how to install and set up WSL 2, Microsoft's powerful tool that allows you to run a Linux kernel directly on Windows. Discover how WSL 2 can streamline your development process and improve your productivity.

Docker: Dive into the world of containerization with Docker. Understand how Docker can help you build, ship, and run applications in isolated environments. Explore the basics of Docker containers and images to kickstart your containerization journey.

Kali Linux: Unleash your cybersecurity skills by leveraging Kali Linux, a robust operating system packed with powerful tools for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and security assessments. Learn how to set up Kali Linux on Windows using WSL and utilize its tools effectively.

Windows Terminal: Upgrade your command-line experience with Windows Terminal. Discover how to customize and configure Windows Terminal to create a personalized and efficient command-line interface for your development tasks.

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