Course Description

This specialization, titled "AWS Fundamentals," is offered in partnership with Amazon Web Services. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts and skills necessary for success in the world of cloud computing. Through this specialization, students will gain a deep understanding of Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud infrastructure provider. They will learn how to design, build, and manage cloud applications and platforms, as well as how to effectively use cloud-based tools for data management, software architecture, and continuous delivery. The course will cover a range of topics including cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, cloud applications, and cloud platforms. Students will also learn about network security, cloud APIs, and cloud-based integration. They will gain knowledge of computer security models, security engineering, security software, and security strategy, as well as system security and cloud standards. In addition, students will explore distributed computing architecture and other cloud platforms and tools. They will also gain skills in data management, databases, data