Course Description

Author: Edureka!

The "Edureka Cloud Computing Full Course" video aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Cloud Computing concepts, including Cloud Services and Deployment Models. It also covers the basics of the most popular Cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP with practical implementation. Cloud Computing is a highly sought-after technical field and this course is designed to help those who are interested in making a career in this domain. The topics covered in this "Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners" video include:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:49 Introduction To Cloud Computing
00:09:30 Cloud service Models
00:13:48 Cloud Deployment Models
00:15:15 Cloud Service Providers
00:18:30 Coud Computing vs On On Premise Infrastructure
00:37:31 Cloud Computing Myths
00:46:20 Top Companies Using For Cloud Professionals
00:56:44 Cloud Engineer Jobs Career and Salaries
01:2:55 Cloud Engineer Roles and Responsibilities
01:45:08 How To Prepare For Cloud Engineer Roles

01:58:56 What is AWS?
02:05:17 AWS Global Infrastructure (AZ, Edge Locations, Regions)
02:20:23 AWS Free Tier Sign Up
02:24:26 AWS Service Domains
02:47:08 EC2 Instances in AWS
03:22:39 AWS S3 Storage Service (Versioning, CRR, Lifecycle Policy)
03:58:11 AWS IAM and KMS
04:43:30 AWS Networking and VPC
05:36:27 AWS CloudWatch
06:17:50 AWS Certifications

06:32:01 Microsoft Azure
06:38:41 Azure Service Domains
07:00:00 Azure Sign UP and Launching VM
07:11:19 Azure Certifications
07:15:00 Azure Virtual Networks
07:53:35 Azure Virtual Networks Part 2
08:10:38 Azure DevOps Services
08:39:48 IoT on Azure

09:01:07 What Is GCP?
09:07:00 Sign Up To Google Console
09:30:45 GCP Infrastructure
09:41:32 Google Cloud Console
09:48:40 GCP Storage